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Massey, West Auckland

Jasmax Architects

Profile: Mono 200

This award-winning building is not only a source of pride to Massey High School, but also to the surrounding community. It uses a range of core colours to stamp a strong identity on the building and offers an iconic structure. The strong colour scheme also offers a way to unite multiple buildings on the site and provide a visually harmonious environment.

A source of school pride

This standout building was designed by Vincent Kumar of Jasmax architects. Massey High School’s Performing Arts Centre is a visual representation of the students’ diversity and school pride. What better way to reinforce this pride, than by using the school colours as a key element in the building’s design?

Nu-Walls’ wide range of profiles and colours made it easy to find the ideal flat profile to suit the building’s design. Additionally, Nu-Walls’s strength and durability make it ideal for a school environment. The unique colour combination has become a defining element of the school and has been continued cross other core school buildings as they’ve been completed, to provide visual cohesion and a sense of belonging throughout the environment. 

Mark Jones, Associate Principal at Massey Highschool, is thrilled. "Simply put," he says, "it's an outstanding product from an outstanding company."

The NZIA awarded this building with a Local Award for Education in 2012, saying “This is an important building for its school and the local community, realised within demanding constraints that included a tight budget. Necessarily pragmatic, but far more than prosaic, the building is a significant architectural presence in an area that deserves better buildings. More than that, it is an inspiring venue and source of pride for students and their teachers."

Architect Vincent Kumar, jasmax:

The Performing Arts Centre was an opportunity for the built environment to express the school’s spirit. The extensive colour range offered by Nu-Wall allowed us to speak to the diversity and vibrancy of the school, without sacrificing durability. We’ve since used the same product, Mono, on other buildings around the school, which has allowed for visual cohesion even on buildings that are structurally different.