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Manukau Heads, Auckland

Bossley Architects

Profile: Mono 200

An award-winning take on the kiwi bach, Arruba makes a statement yet finds itself at home amongst the native bush of Manukau Heads. Nu-Wall’s Mono cladding offers a clean finish, with vibrancy of colour befitting the design. It’s guaranteed to last, too, which is a key aspect of a low-maintenance home. 

A vibrant treehouse

Arruba is a distinctive and unique take on the kiwi bach. It’s situated in the Manukau Heads, on a site dominated by native bush and only accessible at low tide.

Bossley architects designed this vibrant treehouse with the flowers of the pohutukawa in mind. Nu-Wall is available in a wide colour spectrum from the Dulux powdercoating range, so the architect could find just the right colour to achieve maximum impact. A 20-year colour guarantee doesn’t hurt, either.

Mono 200 is the perfect profile for this structure, with its clean lines and flat surfaces. The flat profile allows the geometric details and vivid colour to pop, without adding extra visual noise. Powdercoated aluminium is durable and resistant to corrosion, which is of utmost importance in a coastal environment.

Bossley Architects won multiple awards with Arruba, including the  NZ Institute of Architects Supreme Award 2014, NZ Institute of Architects Local Award 2013, and the NZ Institute of Architects Resene Colour Award 2013.

Architect Pete Bossley, Bossley Architects:

The red is a key element of the design, reflecting the summer flowers of the pohutukawa and other old baches along the beachfront. Nu-Wall’s powder coated aluminium allowed us to achieve the unique level of vibrancy required and ensure it retains its depth of colour for years to come. Baches should be low maintenance and this product allows us to ensure Arruba fits that requirement.