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Nu-Wall is founded on the durability and strength of aluminium. Our story starts in the mid-1980s, when Comalco was looking for new ways to use the high-quality aluminium produced in Southland. The first Nu-Wall aluminium weatherboard products were designed to look like timber weatherboards. From across the street, you couldn’t tell the difference, but Nu-Wall weatherboards offered benefits that timber simply couldn’t match – a 100-year durability guarantee and a powder coat finish with a decades long lifespan.

Nu-Wall today

High performance and low maintenance continue to be Nu-Wall’s strong points. However the addition of architect-inspired and customised products has elevated our cladding to a new level of desirability. Nu-Wall is aimed at providing home owners a durable cladding system that protects it from all types of weather remaining in as new condition with little to no maintenance. This provides an extra cost saving long term. Nu-Wall products are extruded, powdercoated and warehoused in New Plymouth. Marketing, orders, distribution and after-sales support are handled by our head office in Auckland.

The future for Nu-Wall

Nu-Wall has expansion plans that will continue in Australia, America and at home. Weathertightness and durability make our products highly desirable for both residential and commercial projects worldwide. Our products are being specified by leading architects, for the rebuilding of Christchurch and densification of Auckland. While Nu-Wall is beautifully appropriate for high-end residences, it’s also suitable for mid-rise complexes. Retail centres, schools, airports and public buildings are other projects that benefit from the aesthetic and durability advantages of Nu-Wall cladding.

Manufacturing partner

Nu-Wall’s manufacturing partner is McKechnie in New Plymouth, the company that pioneered aluminium extrusion in New Zealand. With a history reaching back to 1871, McKechnie is a time-tested producer of quality metal products for construction. 

McKechnie also have anodising and powdercoating facilities, which means Nu-Wall products can be completed in one location.

There’s another reason why McKechnie is a great partner for Nu-Wall - they have their own aluminium recycling plant. All scrap generated during the manufacturing process is re-melted, along with scrap purchased from recycling merchants and other extrusion plants. Aluminium can be continually recycled with no loss of quality. What’s more, re-melting aluminium uses only 5% of the energy required to create virgin aluminium from bauxite ore.