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Contemporary Textured Profiles

As the leading wall cladding brand, Nu-Wall sets the standard in modern wall construction and design. The creators of Nu-Wall developed aluminium cladding systems that come in multiple profiles and finishes to meet the unique requirements of home and building owners. The textured wall cladding panels provide a modern look and eliminate the need for another layer of coating material. These are available in three profiles: Aero, Ripple, and Ullos.

Each profile offers distinct effects to the building’s exterior. If you’re constructing and designing the walls of your home or office, a textured cladding material from Nu-Wall is one of your best options. Installation is not a problem, as these products come standard with self-drilling fasteners.

Interesting contemporary effects can be achieved by selecting from the range of textured profiles. The micro-corrugated Ripple is available with cover widths of 150, 190 or 200mm. In the Aero range, choose either the 70 profile for smaller areas, or the larger-format 115, 190 or 200 for cladding on a bigger scale. For the absolute avant-garde, choose Ullos, a profile, which was designed by an award-winning New Zealand architect.

textured profiles

All of these profiles are suitable for either horizontal or vertical cladding. These can withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance, so you can be sure that these will last for many years. Please see the Profiles & Colours page. Contact us if you have questions about any of the textured wall cladding materials we offer.

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