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Welcome to Nu-Wall; Design for a Weathertight Future

Nu-Wall is an extruded aluminium weatherboard system which has been designed & developed in New Zealand and is manufactured locally for supply to construction projects throughout Australasia and around the world.

Design with Nu-Wall

Get exactly the look you want by selecting from a wide range of profiles and factory-applied colours. Nu-Wall aluminium cladding systems come in 15 different profiles and a range of anodised or powder coat finishes to match your individual preferences. These offer an opportunity to create a unique style for many applications. You can install them vertically or horizontally to achieve the look you want for your property. The beauty, durability and versatility of Nu-Wall make it the preferred cladding material of many experts in the construction industry.

An Ideal Wall Cladding Solution

Nu-Wall offers the ultimate combination of aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal wall cladding solution for new and retrofit construction, along with recladding projects. All of the profiles are easy to install, ensuring a clean attractive finish. These are suitable for architectural, commercial, and industrial applications, such as:

- Convention Centres
- Schools
- Manufacturing Facilities
- Warehouses
- Retail Buildings
- Corporate Offices
- Airport Terminal Buildings
- Hospitals
- Sports Arenas
- Distribution Centres

Weathertight with Nu-Wall

Tested and appraised by BRANZ, Nu-Wall can be relied upon to be Weathertight and to stay Weathertight for the life of the building. The interlocking weatherboard profiles are installed using Nu-Wall’s proprietary installation and flashing system, which has been designed to keep water out, ensuring that structural framing is kept dry and protected. You can’t go wrong when you use an aluminium cladding system that meets and exceeds quality standards and the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Nu-Wall has received three appraisals from BRANZ, making it a highly recommended product for residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Future with Nu-Wall

The extruded aluminium weatherboard profiles are tough and durable; made to last the lifetime of the building and beyond. Factory-applied powder coat or anodised finishes will retain their smart appearance for many years with minimal maintenance. These can even withstand the harsh and demanding conditions in coastal applications. Nu-Wall aluminium cladding is also a good choice for the environment because it is fully recyclable. When you choose Nu-Wall as your cladding material, your wall’s future is secure.

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